European release for PC GTA VC

the European release for PC GTA VC
the Official release of GTA Vice City for PC in Europe was followed by 3 days after the submission of 3D-shooter to residents of North America. During this time to European gamers have come not only rumors, and user reviews, illustrations adapted for windows game. These events have only strengthened expectations that ensured the fourth series of games GTA formation almost lightning demand.

Developers and publishers GTA VC for windows

Leading game developer is the company Rockstar North. From 1988 to 2001, she was known as DMA Design. Developers GTA VC did a great job on a modification of the graphic engine to calculate physics soft body, which allowed to observe realistic damages of the cars and their consequences.

Direct publisher of the game is the company Rockstar Games, was founded in 1998. She started the publication of the first electronic version of GTA Vice City. Later it spread of the game are connected Soft Club.

the Official release of GTA Vice City in Europe

may 15, 2013 in Europe successfully hosted the release of the game, adapted for platforms running windows. A licensed copy of the game began to deal with unprecedented speed. This contributed to the relatively low cost of the game within 30 dollars, and its popularity is provided by 3 previous series of games.

European people are finally able to fully understand all the advantages of the new city, Vice City on their computers. Amazed by the incredible similarity mapping virtual city with really existing territorial areas, a variety of missions, weapons and possible alternatives of the development of events.

the European release for PC GTA VC

Criminal environment Vice City

European players will have to fight again or to cooperate with criminal groups to achieve the main goals is earning the reputation and money. On the streets of the city are active military, bikers, Haitians, Cubans, the cartel members Diaz and other criminal groups.

To help the character is 101 vehicle, several shops arms, paragraphs conservation, different bonuses and other opportunities, privileges, stipulated by the script. Modern players can go beyond that by updating the game numerous modifications of automobiles, airplanes, helicopters. They allow you to make the gaming environment GTA VC more modern, bright and unusual.

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