11-year anniversary of the GTA VC PC in USA

11-year anniversary of the release of GTA VC for PC in North America
the Release of Grand Theft Auto Vice City in North America is the expectation of an event of 2003 for fans of 3D-shooter. Modification Vice City is the fourth installment of the series, GTA, already managed to gain popularity among players all over the world.

The first appearance of the game GTA VC came from North America is not accidental. Among the developers adapted for windows game world with active participation of specialists Rockstar North. Among other developers and publishers, you can highlight the company Rockstar Vienna, Rokstar Games and Soft Club.

the Official release of GTA Vice City for PC

From the first announcement of the game in 2002, the players had to wait more than 6 months prior to the modification, adapted under windows. The official release and the start of sales of GTA VC PC was held on 12 may 2003. The event raised a solemn setting in the game world because of the recently past the may holidays.

Some were disappointed only players under 18 years of age. International rating system BBFC, OFLC, PEGI has set an age limit. However, the active work of the torrent trackers and Internet users allowed to access the game for almost everyone.

Innovations in GTA VC

The main event takes place on a classical scenario in the free world Vice City. Expanded list of linear and non-linear missions. Passing linear missions, players gradually pass the whole scenario GTA from beginning to end. Nonlinear tasks allow you to access secondary missions for which relies additional remuneration.

Arms are sold in special shops "Ammu-Nation. In places the save game appears different weapons. In process of finding the secret of figurines its range is expanding. Shooting can be conducted not only during the walks, but also of the vehicles.

The fleet available character expanded to 101 types of vehicles from classic cars to airplanes. The developers have improved graphics engine, intended for calculation of physics soft body, which allowed to do damage to transport more realistic.

Interesting facts

11-year anniversary of the release of GTA VC for PC in North America 11-year anniversary of the release of GTA VC for PC in North America
Unlike the real world the Moon in GTA VC is not obeying regulations of static and dynamic location. Shot from a sniper rifle its size will become bigger.

In the club "Malibu" dancers dressed in very specific clothing worn by the music group of the 80's - Village People. Also on the scene, a police officer, who is not arrested by the main character, even in the presence of the stars of the crime".

In the game GTA Vice City, there are many intersections with the real world and the hidden opportunities for the players. They make the game interesting and intense. With the advent of modern mods (vehicles, aircraft) for GTA VC game starts to find new paints and opportunities.

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