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30 April Artem RussianCJ and Vitaly DEAGLOS, the developers of the global mods Vice City Rage held a live webcast for anyone interested in their project. The purpose of fashion is to transfer classic Vice City the RAGE game engine, which made the GTA 4 and some other games Rockstar. The development is carried out with the 2009 year. As the Russian draft, and broadcast exclusively by the Russians was accompanied by commentary. And here's the developers finally show the world what they have done in addition to the trailer, which we represent see below:

With regard to broadcasting, she was not at the highest level, podvisaâ every two seconds. After approximately 50 minutes broadcast had a musical break due to technical problems: no longer load a texture in the air of cheerful funicular, and out of the ground just flew in the airspace. I note that neither train nor the cable in Vice City.

During the broadcast, you could set the authors than your humble servant and enjoyed fully by setting and getting answers to such questions as "Translators, what about inside?", "how many per cent completed, and Both will be weapons: as in VC or as in GTA IV?

The first question was received this response: "Interior" four "System is not known until the end, because the Interior of the show can't. The next question was answered thus: "30-40 percent. Although the authors at the end of the broadcast were assured that the development will end after about half a year. The last issue of your correspondent received this type of response: "not Yet decided". Of course, there were other answers to other questions can be found in the recording of the broadcast. Also hear a brief history of creating modifications and learn who worked on this project.

Some of the errors mentioned by authors during the broadcast, but those that remained behind the scenes can be counted now. It's not clear the squares on the water, terrible angular shadows of shrubs and other things. You can still ask why the car clings to such low curbs, if the barrier. Also upset travel through some of the posts. But it is impossible not to praise the authors for the beautiful reflection in the water, and animation. The next time I advise you to let them know not to prescribe so often "Car Repair" to viewers rated the system damage.

In any case, we are obliged to say the Team thank you very much for the Rage of their work and to wish them success in their difficult work. We look forward to new material from them and release versions.

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2011-05-04 10:29:32

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