Releases 2003: GTA VC PC in Australia

Releases 2003 GTA VC PC in Australia
May 2003 was a significant event in the gaming community in Australia. Took place the official release of GTA Vice City, adapted for operating systems Windows. Players now have at their disposal new weapons, equipment and access to extraordinary missions. There was a change of the main city.

a New city - Weiss city

To develop graphical implementation of the city, Vice City was used by the real territorial area. Based on the city of Miami to the inherent to 1986 features. Separate areas, the appearance of the landscape and the clothing style of the people was with astonishing accuracy reproduced in the virtual world.

Increased the realism of a virtual city was achieved at the expense of the modified engine of the game, responsible for the formation of three-dimensional graphics. This innovation, combined with the principle of "free choice" provided GTA VC PC unprecedented success in Australia and other countries. Statistics show that GTA VC has become the best selling game in the early 21st century.

the Official release of Vice City for PC in Australia

Official presentation and start selling copies of GTA VC PC was held on 20 may 2003. About this event Austrian players were known in advance. Its role was played by the media, official and author news reviews. Already on the first day of release, the number of sales began to be measured in thousands of units.

Technical features GTA VC

The gaming community Austria immediately noticed improvement in performance GTA VC, compared with the previous version of 3D-shooter. This is evidenced by numerous reports on thematic game portals and groups in social networks.

In GTA 3 around the game character was carried out drawing of virtual objects in sight and beyond. GTA Vice City drawing graphics were performed only in the sight of the character that fits on the user's screen. This feature significantly reduced the load on the user's computer, increasing the performance of the game. These innovations allowed to increase the detail of the game world, making it more realistic.

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