Releases GTA VC: the PS2 version in North Americ

Releases GTA VC: the PS2 version in North America
In 2002, and October 29 in North America started selling the next part of the series Grand Theft Auto for PS2 Vice City. She has sold huge numbers. To date, sold over 4 million copies of the game.

The prisoner before the release of GTA VC contract with Sony made pretty nervous all the fans, because they provide an exclusive right to release the game only for PlayStation, depriving owners of computers and other consoles hopes to purchase a suitable port of GTA. This state of Affairs did not last. Less than six months, as all the legal nuances were settled and the game was released for other gaming platforms.

Not without another scandal associated with censorship. The whole March-protest in Florida, one of the States, turned the introduction to the game of Cuban and Haitian criminals. National minorities were extremely indignant at the opportunity to show aggression in the game against immigrants and demanded to make adjustments in the game. Despite the requirements, the game continued to spread in the original version.

Releases GTA VC: the PS2 version in North America Releases GTA VC: the PS2 version in North America Releases GTA VC: the PS2 version in North America


This time the developers send us dashing in the 80s, most recreating the atmosphere of the time: music, fashion and architecture correspond to the "Retro"style. The character can visit strip bars or take a night butterfly from the street.

Separate locations have been recreated from the movie "Scarface" and TV series "Police Malibu". Even a few minor characters are an indirect reference to the heroes of a series of films so popular in those days. In addition, experts RockStar has worked on the creation of "Easter eggs and references to other well-known games.

Physics game has been redesigned and improved. Getting a new vehicle, it must be handled appropriately, because of damage affect the appearance and technical characteristics of the vehicle. Players were pleased with an impressive fleet, the presence of boats, planes and helicopters. The character cannot "die" in the full sense of the word, again and again appearing at the hospital after the accident or shooting.

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In Europe GTA VCS to the PlayStation Portable went on sale in early November 2006.

In the summer of 2004 in Japan, an official release of GTA VC for Xbox.

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