The release of Vice City Stories PSP in Europe

Exit Vice City Stories PSP in Europe
GTA Vice City Stories - a continuation of the same game series Grand Theft Auto, adaptable to the user's interests and capabilities of game consoles. Notable is the fact that VCS event takes place over 2 years before the action in Vice City.

One of the first releases GTA VCS to the PlayStation Portable was held in Europe in 2006. The event could occur later if the incredible efforts of developers Rockstar (Leeds, North).

In anticipation of the release of GTA VCS for PSP

The first official statement about the upcoming release appeared in the spring of 2006. may 10, representatives of Rockstar told the gaming community about the upcoming port of GTA VCS for PSP. They said the release would take place in Europe in October, but the date of the event has shifted several days.

From 1 August 2006, the press started to convey official information about the game. Were released screenshots, learn about the individual moments of the storyline.

By September 5, was prepared and published the official page dedicated to GTA Vice City Stories. It first appeared in the trailer for the game, and was attended by more than 10 news. By the end of September there is another trailer and a few videos, which complements the information prepared by the gameplay.

Release GTA VCS

By 3 November, all preparations for the release of GTA VCS for PSP have been completed, the game entered the mass market in Europe. Increased demand for new game was provided in advance of the advertising company and the success of the previous parts of the GTA.

Exit Vice City Stories PSP in Europe
Traditionally, game sales to minors attempted to limit, as most the age rating system awarded VCS status "18". To the extent these restrictions are observed in reality is not a secret and well known to the public.

Attention of the press to the new game has not faded after receipt of VCS on sale. On the topic of development, gameplay, and other facts was written, none of the news review. Most of the thematic issues awarded GTA VCS more than 9 points on a 10-point grading scale. In particular, in the journal "PlayStation Magazine" appeared score of 9.5 points.

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In Europe and Australia release date GTA Vice City for PS2 fell on 8 November 2002.

Port GTA VC for OS X appeared in Europe only in 2010.

Release GTA VС for the Xbox in North America took place on the last day of October 2003.

In the fall of 2002 in North America was released GTA Vice City for PS2.

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