Release Vice City for PS2 in Europe and Australi

Release Vice City for PS2 in Europe and Australia
GTA Vice City refers to three-dimensional generation video game series Grand Theft Auto. It still followed the key principles of freedom of choice of action and rules of construction storyline, partly based on real events. The game takes place in 1986 in a virtual city Vice City. His cartography was largely borrowed from the real Miami.

The date of release of GTA VC platform PlayStation 2 in Europe and Australia coincided that has pleased the gaming community for a long time waiting for the appearance of the game in the sale. However, the joy of minors fans of the GTA series was short-lived due to the effect on the sale of game age limit 18+". The actual observance of this limit is not known.

Statistical data indicates mnogomillionnoi profit developer RockStar North and publisher in the face of companies RockStar Games and Soft Club. The main reasons of such an enormous success can be attributed to the extraordinary concept of the game, well-designed gameplay with the introduction of three-dimensional effects. Prior to the release in Europe and Australia the massive advertising campaign also took their toll.

release date GTA VC for PS2 in Europe and Australia

Release Vice City for PS2 in Europe and Australia
The official start of sales of GTA Vice City in Australia and Europe have successfully held on 8 November 2002. Themed gaming portals found information stating that the release of the game was played a few months earlier and the reason for the delay was the need to check the port on the legal requirements of different countries. The official sources of this information has not been confirmed.

As before the official release of GTA VC in Europe and Australia, and after that, numerous representatives of the thematic magazines widely covered events of the game world. Reviews on Vice City were published in editions IGN, GameRankings, Metacritic, Allgame, and many others. In particular, employees GameRankings has written about 50 author reviews the game. In addition, almost all publications were awarded GTA VC assessment approaches the maximum allowable value.

Despite the 12 years that have passed since the release date, the game is still popular. The interest of the players partly encouraged various modifications missions, transport, maps, and other components of the gameplay.

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