Releases on Xbox: GTA VC in America

Releases on Xbox: GTA VC in America
Only a year after receiving the first copies on sale, Rockstar has prepared a port of GTA Vice City game console Xbox. October 31, 2003 on the shelves in North America appeared first drives with the game.

Releases on Xbox: GTA VC in America
The developers have spent a lot of time to improve the graphics. The performance of the Xbox is more than covered the requirements of the original version, which helped to Refine and improve the game. However, the initial resolution of the displayed images could not be changed, which affected the overall impression of the players from the graphics engine.

Vice City was one of the most popular games in the series: average rating in magazines and on gaming forums today does not fall below 9 out of 10 points. 3D-shooter became one of the best-selling and profitable in history, surpassing sales of the subsequent parts of the parent series.

Gameplay GTA VC

Area Vice city twice liberty city. Originally the developers intended to make the entire territory of Weiss-city "open", but abandoned this concept, believing such freedom is unnecessary. Areas of the city off as you perform key tasks, stipulated by the plot.

Releases on Xbox: GTA VC in America Releases on Xbox: GTA VC in America
Dramatically improved physics, including the possibility to shoot the tire of the car. Players are available for 75 models of cars and 101 vehicle, 30 weapons, which is twice more than in the third part. Some transport provided their own weapons, including heavy machine guns and rockets.


Sound of the game was given special attention, and the number of rows dialogues exceeded 8 thousand, which is more than four times in the third GTA. Over the sound of the characters worked 20 "stars" of Hollywood, which testifies to the enormous cost of the developer on the sound in Vice City.

The duration of musical compositions in total amounted to more than 9 hours of various tracks from the distant 80 X. there are a Total of 9 stations. Music is periodically interrupted by commercials, which gives an even more realistic gameplay.

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In Europe and Australia release date GTA Vice City for PS2 fell on 8 November 2002.

In the fall of 2002 in North America was released GTA Vice City for PS2.

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