Release GTA VC for OS X in North America

Release GTA VC for OS X in North America
GTA Vice City - continuation of the series of three games from RockStar. Due to the geographical position of the key developers and publishers of Grand Theft Auto ports of the first games out mostly in North America. The third GTA VC for Mac OS X is no exception, though, because of the developed infrastructure of the global network was also available on other continents.

The release of GTA VC for platforms running MAC OS X refers to the "bonus" publications. This is due to the low popularity of OS X, with its limited software compatibility, and late release. Recall that the first ports of the game appeared in North America in 2002. Only 8 years later the owners of the operating system from Apple was able to buy a port of the game.

Release GTA VC for OS X in North America

the Release of GTA Vice City for Mac OS X in North America

Initially, the employees of RockStar not planned to release a port for OS X. However, the idea of the development of the GTA series meant not only creating "free" world, tailored to the needs of players, but also the availability of the game on different systems. This feature and the rise in the number of users of OS X has led to the emergence of the necessary port in North America and other continents.

The official release date of GTA Vice City for OS X is November 22, 2010. Download it distros and make a purchase directly on the Internet. In this regard, it is difficult to judge the proper execution of the requirements of the age rating systems BBFC, ESRB, OFLC, which set limits from 15+to 18+".

Release GTA VC for OS X in North America

Briefly about innovations

Basic weapons can be purchased in well-known for modern players store Ammu-Nation. Heavy "weapons of death" and some other weapons available in the secondary, but no less popular stores a virtual city.

The passage of individual missions greatly facilitates the functional drive-by. It allows you to fire from a machine gun during a trip in the vehicle. Likely shot spread is measured while driving or walking through detailed sight.

On a separate vehicle is already installed service. In particular, helicopters Hunter and Sea Sparrow can be seen with a powerful missile launcher and a machine gun. Their essential advantage is an infinite supply of ammunition.

Developers have significantly improved the detail of the game environment. She seriously affected vehicles. Damage to the cars now affect not only their appearance, but also on the technical characteristics. When traveling in the car the player can choose one of 4 cameras, which greatly simplifies the task of driving.

Just GTA VC presents more than 100 vehicles. 7 of them are in an aircraft, a 10 - to water transport, a 6 - to motorcycles. Player available special vehicles (police, ambulance, fire).

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Port GTA VC for OS X appeared in Europe only in 2010.

In Europe and Australia release date GTA Vice City for PS2 fell on 8 November 2002.

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