Mobile releases GTA VC Android

Mobile releases GTA VC Android
In 2012, the company Rockstar Games has pleased fans of GTA Vice City version, adapted for Android. Players will finally be able to enjoy your favorite game on modern mobile devices.

The difference between the output port for Android and the first version of the game was more than 10 years. This is not surprising given the level of development of mobile technology by state 2002 and 2012. The output port of the game for Android confirmed one simple truth - GTA Vice City never lost its popularity and demand over the past few years.

Mobile releases GTA VC Android

the Gameplay and graphics

After a decade, the gameplay has not undergone any changes. The player still does the job gangsters, and profit from carelessness and innocence of ordinary citizens.

Due to the specifics of the Android developers have made a number of edits in the game engine. They have had no significant impact on the visual component of the game environment. Judging by the comments on gaming sites, players simply have not noticed the graphics "deviations".

Mobile releases GTA VC Android

GTA VC for Android

Players had to forget about the classic keyboards and joysticks. Management is now focused mainly on touch screens.

Functional keys for character interaction with the virtual world are located at the bottom and sides of the screen. Users notice that the simultaneous execution of up to 2 actions quite convenient. Problems usually arise when it is necessary to shoot, aim and control the movement of the character. Many players have successfully adapted to this particular.

the Official release of GTA Vice City for Android

The second decade of the 20th century is remarkable not only the release of the new port of GTA VC, but also a high level of development of telecommunication technologies. They allow users from different continents at the same time to access the new version of the game. It happened with GTA VC for Android.

As with the other ports of the game, the release date of the version for Android are blurred due to the abundance of distorted and false information. On the set of sites that appears on 12 December 2012. However, on Wikipedia" as the release date listed on 6 December. Anyway, the main goal is achieved - the game was released in the market in anticipation of the New year. How symbolic this coincidence is known only to the developers.

At the time the price was about $ 5. Low price and preserved the interest of the players to the world of Vice City has ensured a high level of demand and a good profit for the work of developers.

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