GTA VC Xbox: release in Australia and Europe

GTA VC Xbox: release in Australia and Europe
a Pleasant surprise for the gaming community in Europe and Australia was the release of GTA Vice City for Xbox in early 2004. The game was developed the main ideas of the gameplay of the previous games, but had no obvious thematic Parallels with them.

Compared to previous versions of three-dimensional and two-dimensional GTA, Vice City significantly improved the technical side. Modification of the already known to everybody's engine RenderWare, improved graphical effects, but the emphasis is still placed on the rich storyline.

Traditionally, players can perform two types of tasks - primary and secondary. To complete the game 100% will have to pass all the missions. They are mostly of a criminal nature, and assigned to the criminal authorities Vice City. If you get tired of the standard gameplay, you can always enter codes for gta vice city and a bit of fun.

GTA VC Xbox: release in Australia and Europe

the Output GTA VC for Xbox in Europe and Australia

Prior to the release of GTA Vice City for Xbox in Europe and Australia had to wait more than a year since the introduction of the first ports of the game. Today found information stating that the release of the game was planned for December 2003, however, confirmation of this information is missing. In fact, the release took place on 2 January 2004, which was a kind of "Christmas present" from the developers of Rockstar.

Expectations of players "was worth it", because in comparison with ports for PS2 and PC, the Xbox version was attended by more detailed objects, improved mirror and weather effects, and has also been increased range of drawing. However, the joy of the players was somewhat overshadowed by the low screen resolution, which greatly reduced the effects of the previous improvements.

Enjoy the updated world could not all, because the age rating system (PEGI, BBFC) has introduced an age limit "18+". However, the statistics on compliance with this limit is very blurred. The desire of players to enjoy games updated environment and emerging Internet technology has done its job.

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