Release GTA VC: features port for iOS

Release GTA VC: features port for iOS
GTA Vice City - the second game, which was released in three-dimensional format. It simultaneously contains and combines elements of car simulator, third person shooter and "open world". The main action takes place in 1986 the city in the town of Vice City, cartography which was partially borrowed from the Miami area.

The first ports of the game began to appear in 2002. Since that time, technology has progressed, there are plenty of mobile technology. Just 2 years ago GTA VC presented for mobile devices based on iOS platform. Now fans of the 3D shooter were not bound to the stationary game consoles, and could plunge into the criminal world from almost anywhere in the world.

Release GTA VC: features port for iOS

GTA VC for iOS: development and release

10 years ago with the first output port of GTA VC idea developers Rockstar about the release of full version GTA VC for mobile devices bordering the area of fiction. To implement the ideas were simply not appropriate technologies. By the second decade of the 21st century the situation has changed dramatically...

Official information about the timing of the development of GTA VC for iOS is not known for sure. However, the web mention that it took over a year. During this time the employees of the developer has done a great job. They adapted the game for iOS, practically eliminating the loss of gameplay features that relate to the "mechanics" and graphic effects. By 2012, the capacity of individual iOS devices allowed to implement this idea.

Remembering the official release date, not to speak of a "regional" dates because players could purchase and download the port through network technologies. About proper documentary permissions developers and publishers have taken care of in advance.

The world release of GTA VC for iOS was held on 6 December 2012. The only restriction on acquisition of 3D-shooter was the age of the users, which was limited OFLC rating systems, PEGI, BBFC and some others. As he observes in the 21st century gaming community has a great view.

the port for iOS

The main difference port of the game for iOS implementation of a control game world and character. Judging by the user comments on forums, it was very comfortable. In the left part of the screen there are buttons basic control and the right functionality for performing actions, including shooting and car theft.

Release GTA VC: features port for iOS
The developers decided that aim to "manually" on the touch screen is not very convenient. They implemented the auto-aiming sight. This functionality has been criticized by individual players. Especially for them the functionality for automatic guidance easily disabled in the settings.

The results of the tests GTA VC for iOS has shown that the game is perfectly functional on the iPhone and iPod Touch 4-5 generations, as well as the iPad 3-5. A demonstration of the game for mobile platforms is presented on the video below.

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