Output GTA VCS for PS2 in Australia and Europe

Exit GTA VCS for PS2 in Australia and Europe
Release GTA Vice City Stories on the territories of Australia and Europe took place after 3 days of its release in America. Significant for the gaming public event occurred in the spring of 2007.

With the release of VCS chronological sequence of events in the game series Grand Theft Auto again shifted. The basic steps began to occur in the vastness of Vice City on the condition of 1984. Recall that in GTA VC action took place in 1986.

It all starts with the arrival of the main character on a military base in Vice city. He falls under the influence of the military commander, which is closely linked with criminal circles. From this point the player will have to establish a "useful" communication to Dodge enemy bullets and find the path to their own businesses.

Exit GTA VCS for PS2 in Australia and Europe

GTA VCS in Australia and Europe: the development and release

The texts of the first assumptions about the planned release of GTA VCS for PS 2 in Australia and Europe appeared long before official announcements. The fact of the current design was only confirmed on 10 may 2006. This was stated by the representatives of Rockstar Games.

The official release of GTA VCS PS 2 in Europe and Australia fell on 9 March 2007. Not to say that the sale of the port of the game was characterized by the highest amount of profit among the GTA series, however, has remained very high level of demand. Among the members of the gaming community on current times the game is still relevant.

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GTA VC is 9 basic types of firearms and "improvised" weapons from bits to heavy weapons, assault rifles. It is simply necessary to interact with the five key gangs who daily try to divide spheres of influence in the city. These include the Trailer Park Mafia, Cholo, Sharks, Vance Gang, Bikers.

Any entertainment, a criminal organization "marches" and just the passing game will take a lot of money. To earn it by keeping your own business up to date. The character can engage in illicit traffic, robbery and other kinds of dubious business.

Exit GTA VCS for PS2 in Australia and Europe

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