GTA the 21st century: release VC PC in America

GTA in the 21st century: release VC PC in America
In may 2003, officially the release of GTA VC port for personal computers (PC). The gaming community in North America boldly stepped onto the streets of Vice City. Catches the eye is the "calling card" of the urban atmosphere is retro style, characteristic of 1986.

Developers and publishers

Major work on the creation of a port for the PC was held by the employees of Rockstar North is the developer that is in the UK. The development of the GTA series of games has secured them an enviable popularity.

At the end of the software development games and gathering of the necessary documentation it is time for publishers. Distribution GTA VC PC started the company Rockstar Games, Soft Club 1C. In 2003 there were popular optical discs, on which was spread distributions, however, modern users can easily download an electronic copy via the Internet.

the Release of GTA VC PC in North America

The release of GTA VC PC took place following the exit port of the game for the PS2 a year. The difference between events in North America amounted to little more than half a year. Users in North America had to wait, so as to have in one hand a computer and a PS2 was very expensive in those days.

The theme of the game is gaining "momentum" due to the high relevance that has led to the emergence of multiple data sources and rumors. They could seriously distort reality. As a consequence, the players were expecting an earlier or later release date. All doubts have disappeared only after official statements by the developers.

The official release of GTA VC PC in North America on may 12, 2003. This date is entered in the history of gaming industry, as one of the most significant events. This fact is not surprising, as the popularity and cash fees the GTA series and, in particular, Vice City are on a high enough level. The relevance of the entire series not just not decreasing, but growing steadily, partly due to the release of more modern modifications of the game world.

GTA in the 21st century: release VC PC in America

Features port GTA VC PC

Compared with its predecessors the port of the game for PC has high performance. The explanation for this can be found in the usual analysis of the gaming environment. In particular, the third GTA rendering virtual objects were made even when they did not get in sight, creating an increased load. When processing game engine for Vice City were computed only objects that really need to display.

The above caveat is not the only example of the result of the modification engine RenderWare. Also the players were able to enjoy more detailed textures, use a large enough resolution for the monitor. Such "luxury" has led to the increase in the minimum system requirements.

If you consider GTA VC PC from the point of view of the modern player, your eye will immediately notice the level of development of "artificial intelligence". One of the most striking cases of its negative effects on the behavior of the police. For example, the accuracy of the law enforcement characters leaves much to be desired, even with the shots.

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