GTA VC: European release port for PC

GTA VC: European release port for PC
In Europe, the port of Grand Theft Auto VC PC based Windows appeared in the first half of 2003. Vice City became the fourth in the series of GTA multi-platform game that has gained an enormous popularity. For a long time it was developed by the Rockstar North employees. The company was formerly known as DMA Design.

The game is traditionally laid "real life" scenario and location. As the main city is chosen Vice City. He represents not that other, as a modified virtual version of Miami. The main character Tommy Vercetti is forced to survive on the mean streets of the city, although it seems that it "floats" in his element. His life will be very diverse. Character waiting for the dangerous criminal world that is not without graceful manifestations of parody.

Visualization games

For the correct functioning of GTA VC PC used a modified version of the already famous engine RenderWare. For the most part it is, its use is possible to raise the game to a technically new level.

Compared to previous games in the series, GTA VC is more qualitative detail. Of course, for her support requires more system resources, but with the development of computer technology it is not a problem in the modern world.

Game performance increased significantly due to the exclusion of the drawing is obviously not the desired areas. In particular, the game engine does not perform the rendering of the graphical environment, which in the next few seconds will not get into the character.

GTA VC: European release port for PC

the Release of GTA VC for Windows in Europe

The official release of GTA Vice City for PC in Europe took place a few days after a similar event in America. The official date is may 15, 2003. Despite the past years, the interest of the user to VC has survived to this day, because the game has become a "classic" of its genre.

Financial success, as the popularity of the game in Europe, have been provided. The main reason for this was the extraordinary concept of the game in combination with a smooth transition in three-dimensional graphics processing. Today's players are already difficult to surprise three-dimensional graphic effects, however, in 2003, these features of the game could cause admiration and delight. Naturally, without criticism has not happened, but it is just a consequence of increased attention to the gaming product.

Published many reviews of GTA Vice City. Among the publications that have been published, there are both foreign and Russian organizations. These include "Gambling", "", "IGN", "EuroGamer", "GameSpot" and many others. The majority of publications are "awarded" GTA VC rating close to the maximum (9-10 points out of a possible ten).

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