GTA VC PS2: release in Japan

GTA VC PS2: release in Japan
In the late spring of 2004 in Japan, the release of GTA Vice City (VC), adapted to game consoles PlayStation 2. Noteworthy is the fact that the console was first produced in Tokyo. Despite this, the port of Vice City game for PS2 appeared first on almost the opposite side of the globe in 2002.


The release date of the game in the country does have a delay. It is connected with the laws of Japan, which continued into 2004. Among other things, the new game has raised censorship regulations and ethical standards. The main reason is the increased realism of the criminal environment of Vice City and, in particular, the abundance of violence in the vast virtual world.

Among the gaming community and captured the rumors that the game will not be on the shelves, but the situation was fixed. After making a few adjustments to the gameplay of GTA Vice City for PS2 along with the other ports this series has been allowed to sell age restricted adults only.

the Release of GTA VC PS2 in Japan

The official event was held on 20 may 2004 on sale licensed copy of GTA VC for PS2. At that time Internet was not yet developed sufficiently, so demand was regular drives with the game. Each of them was applied mark age limit, which is fairly rigidly adhered to.

The port of the game for the PlayStation 2 was one of the most successful in financial terms. This fact is not surprising, because a multi-platform GTA Vice City — a bright representative of the beginning of the three-dimensional generation of computer games.

Briefly about the storyline

Remained the main "highlight" of the GTA series of games is not a linear storyline, which allows you to deviate from the classical scenario and act on their own discretion. The game also managed to combine elements of driving simulators and third-person shooter. Recall that the appearance of additional game modes first person occurred only after GTA 5.

The storyline takes place in the fictional town of Vice City, which was in fact a modified mapping of the real Miami. City outlines and features of its inhabitants until the behavior and style of dress consistent with the standards of the 80-ies. It is on the streets of Vice City protagonist Tommy Vercetti to be perform the job of crime bosses and slowly but surely gain an increasing influence on the city streets.

GTA VC PS2: release in Japan

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