GTA VC PC: exit Australia

GTA VC PC: exit Australia
Vice City was the second game of a three-dimensional generation of the GTA series. First the game was released in 2002, however, the port for PC (Windows) appeared in Australia in 2003. This was due to the need to adapt the game for different platforms, collection of necessary documentation and some other nuances. In General, adapted for the PC game came relatively quickly.

Certainly, many are familiar with one of the famous cities of our planet – Miami. His cartography was partially the basis for the design of a virtual city Vice City, where the main action takes place in the game. As for chronological order, the developers have gone far back in time. The game action takes place in 1986 with the characteristic of the time features.

the Release of GTA VC PC in Australia

For a long time developers Rockstar North, formerly DMA Design, led the development of ports adapted VC. At the end of their work by publishing the game started at Rockstar Games.

We released a game that combined the features of automotive simulation, third person shooter and three-dimensional visualization. Along with the popularity of the GTA series this was more than enough for success, but it had an impact and many other details. The main ones associated with a comprehensive professional study of a fascinating game, which turned out to be interesting for many users.

The official output port of Vice City for the PC in Australia was held on 20 may 2003. It's been 12 years, and the interest of the gaming community is not quenched. There are still disputes concerning the exact dates of the releases. The most frequently reported on 20 and 21 may 2003. Maybe it's just due to the difference in time zones, because the game was released on several quite remote from each other continents.


Criminal events and the desire for heightened realism have become the classics for the GTA series. Vice City is no exception. The game features non-linear scenario, that is character driven is free to deviate from the main missions and explore the city at its discretion. However to complete the game's main tasks still have to go. They originate from criminal authorities. A new job often can be obtained by means of telephone booths that are scattered around the city.

If the character is not in the vehicle, you can walk, jump, run, fight, use firearms. However, he can't swim. In addition to ground vehicles, you can use air transport.

GTA VC PC: exit Australia
Criminal activity the character attracts the attention of the police. Depending on the wanted level chase can go the normal police, helicopters, FBI, special forces and even the army. If the main character will be captured or killed, then he only wakes up at the police station. Weapons, armor and part of the money will be gone, will have to collect and buy a lot again.

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