Video from Gett taxi based on Vice city

GETT Optima
If you Want to feel like a character of the famous GTA Vice City game, then this news is for you. To support drivers, Gett has launched a quest game for taxi driver's day. Gett is a taxi service that is the main leader in the corporate segment and has been operating since 2010.

GTA Vice city Quest
Video, made in the style of the game GTA from Gett. Leaving the driver training center, the character receives a signal that it's time to earn some money. He presses the confirm button and the game starts. After walking down the street, he gets into his company car from the Gett service and goes along the specified route. All this is done in the style of the game, the character moves the same way, he has a map on the left, and on the right shows the level of health, the amount of money and time. Even by walking, you can recognize the main character of Vice city. Approaching the taxi, a pink circle is highlighted, and the mission "in pursuit of Optima" begins…

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