GTA VC PC in Japan: features release

GTA VC PC in Japan: features of release
In 2004 the work of the developers, Rockstar North was completed in Japan released a new port of GTA Vice City for PC (Windows). The game combines the elements of the quest, action and able to effectively handle 3D graphics.

Vice City was recognized as one of the best-selling games at release. Also appreciated the special editions. Among the editors who have published reviews, IGN appear, Absolute Games, GameSpy and others.

GTA VC is a kind of "evolutionary" development of past games in the series and retains the main ideas. The player still has to perform predominantly criminal tasks. They can be obtained from criminal authorities and by means of telephone booths that are scattered throughout the city Vice City.


Besides the main missions provides a number of additional tasks. They can be obtained, for example, if you sit in a certain car or to get to a specific point on the map. As additional and basic tasks sometimes not devoid of subtle humor (parody).

The main character can control ground and air transport, run, walk, jump. Unfortunately, many users, the character can't swim. For "showdown" provides an Arsenal, however, it is possible to "defer" to the side and go in the melee.

GTA VC PC in Japan: features of release
The character can freely move around the city, to fight, to wreak havoc, steal cars and perform other actions. There is only one caveat — to unlock new areas and challenges, you will have to go according to the script and to perform multiple missions.

Criminal activity character inevitably attracts the attention of the police. Depending on the "severity" of the acts in pursuit may be sent as a single patrol and an army with tanks, helicopters.

date and features the release of GTA Vice City for PC in Japan

The release of GTA VC port for personal computers in Japan was held on 20 may 2004. The main publishers of the game in the different continents have become the company of Rockstar Games, 1C Soft Club.

In the analysis of open sources of the Internet where little is mentioned the company Capcom, which was engaged in publishing the game in Japan. The company is one of the world's largest developers and publishers of computer games. It was her participation has made possible early release of Vice City in Japan.

The country's legislation on the status of 2004 was quite "hard", but in GTA Vice City celebrated the abundance of violence and illegal activities, as in the other games in the series. The game was allowed to be sold only with a strict age limit of "Z" only after the fulfillment of certain conditions. In particular, in the gameplay have made a number of edits that are somehow allowed to "soften" the harsh reality of crime streets of Vice City. On the other continents were also approved by age restrictions from "15+" and above. They were installed BBFC rating system, ESRB, OFLC, PEGI.

Despite age restrictions and criticism, the release of the game GTA Vice City for the PC and its subsequent fate are characterized only by success. Today the game can be downloaded from the Internet rather than going to the store for a disc, as in 2004, also found a rather interesting modifications of the gameplay.

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