GTA VCS PS3: 1 year after the European release

GTA VCS to PS3: 1 year after the European release
With the release in Europe of the first PlayStation 3 at the most anticipated event among players Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories (GTA VCS) was the introduction of an adapted version of the game. Her release had to wait until 2013, while PS 3 will be gaining popularity and will become available to the General public, which is the main condition for the relevance of the development of adapted Rockstar games.

In anticipation of the release

Discussions in the Internet community about the upcoming release only been heated with the development of thematic portals and social networks. The authors argued that due to leaks of information about the developments RockStar became known release date GTA VCS in Europe. Was published many false and distorted information.

Noteworthy is the fact that the search engines index preserved information about the exact date of release of GTA VCS for PS 3 dated by the end of 2012 and by the beginning of 2013. At that time there were no official statements by the representatives Rokstar. How reliable information came into the net remains unknown. When passing on the data page, found that such publications are removed or website ceased to exist.

the Official release of GTA VCS for the PlayStation 3 in Europe

He was held on 3 April 2013. As in the case with previous versions of the game, in the first weeks after the release of total sales were worth millions of dollars. This was facilitated by the developed trading network and the huge efforts of managers of the companies-publishers - Eastern and RockStar Games. However, the main criterion of success of the game is popular intriguing game world of GTA VCS on all continents.

Buy GTA VCS for PS 3 could only Europeans, under 18 years of age. It is this limit was established in the rating system PEGI (Pan European Game Information). The system was founded in 2003 and is under the watchful supervision of members of the European Union.

General description GTA VCS for PS 3

Adapted PS3 modification of the game differs from its predecessors more qualitative graphical effects. They are not caused by the modifications of the graphic shell of the world, and the technical features of the PlayStation 3. It helps to improve the image quality by smoothing possible «interference» and excluding the possibility of deceleration dynamic graphics.

Steps in the game world are deployed on the long-known scenario. Viktor Banks be transferred to the military base in Vice City. He will perform the job of criminal bosses and to establish their own business. All the action takes place in 1984, therefore, the rampant crime, intrigues and unexpected turns of events is guaranteed.

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