4 years of GTA TBOGT in Europe PC and PS3

4 years the European release of GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony for Playstaytion 3 and MS
With her first appearance, but it happened a few years ago, PlayStation caused quite a stir in Europe, especially among players GTA IV TBoGT after the release of an adapted version of the game.

the hype surrounding the release press release

Prior to release of the game numerous Internet portals, social networks and online communities are constantly heated, and now swinging passion, starting from the date of release of GTA IV TBoGT in Europe, which has dropped by 16 April 2010. The game fans can celebrate the next anniversary.

With the release in the EU the first game consoles the most expected event was the release of the Grand Theft Auto IV. Managers publishers, namely RockStar Games and SoftClub, constantly tried to keep the attention of potential players, promoting the magnificent world of GTA on all 5 continents. It's advertising is the engine of trade, and the developers learned that the best way.

the First release and increase sales

Between these two important events there is a direct relationship, as in the first 2-3 weeks after the release of the long awaited GTA IV TBoGT in Europe amounts from its sales exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars. This game hype nobody expected and even some limitations did not prevent this.

GTA in the new version for Playstaytion 3 and PC could buy only those Europeans who have turned 18 years of age. These conditions were set PEGI rating system, which was formally approved in 2012 and controlled the output of the games in the countries of the European Union.

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