Update Fan Pics: edge of reality

Update Fan Pics: edge of reality
On mail Rockstar comes endless stream of interesting photos from talented users who know all the beauty of the criminal world of GTA. Their work is regularly published in Snapmatic. The best illustration is selected for publication on the official website Rockstar.

Update Fan Pics: edge of reality
Artist Benoit Paille series of illustrations called "the Crossroads of reality." His creations are traditionally blur the line between real photos and virtual world of GTA.
Benoit notes that this combination created with the sole purpose to blur the concept of borders and territories in both worlds, and merging them together. He wants to show that using virtual objects in the photos can be as deep meaning and physical reality.

Update Fan Pics: edge of reality
A unique approach to creating their masterpieces chosen Stoic Decay - blogger and artist. He United two territorial areas in one artwork to create the effect of "fish eye".

Update Fan Pics: edge of reality
In productions of the team members GTAAdventures surprisingly easy to blur the distinction between modern cinema and virtual world of GTA. Frame by frame character actions of 3D-shooter is mapped to the famous film "Gone in 60 seconds".

Update Fan Pics: edge of reality
This illustration, first published on Kotaku, jokingly called "Lunar Park of the parties".

Update Fan Pics: edge of reality
The author of the photo is Kyle Skiner recreates scenes from the series "behind the scenes".

Update Fan Pics: edge of reality
Fans of 3D-shooter has found more similarities of famous films and productions scenario in the GTA. This time managed to find a parallel with Tarantino films.

Update Fan Pics: edge of reality
Team members Lastalay proposed an alternative option for the cover of the group the Beatles - Abbey Road.

As always, every talented player, the photographer can expect to publish their works on the Rockstar website. For this purpose it is necessary to publish unique illustrations in Instagram and send the application on e-mail Rockstar.

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2014-04-21 11:43:55

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