GTA LCS for the PSP in Japan: a look back

GTA LCS for the PSP in Japan: a look into the past
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was published in Japan in late July 2006. In the first days of sales, the game became very popular. This is evidenced by the numerous references in the gaming community and a huge volumes of realization. Total has sold over 1.8 million copies of the game.

Summary of GTA LCS for PSP

GTA LCS was initially created as a console game, integral part of which was 3D-visualization and elements of driving. LCS for Sony PlayStation Portable has become the best selling game of the time. This is evidenced by the independent statistical data for 2006.

The script of 3D-shooter began in 1998. At this time the main character Tony Cipriani returned to his hometown of Liberty City. Previously, he was forced to abandon it after the murder of one of the members of third-party mafia groups.

The script, graphics and software support of the games were designed by developers to detail, which together with the success of previous versions of GTA provided LCS impressive popularity.

Developers Liberty City PSP

The meaning of the criminal world GTA was originally focused on the possibility of adapting to different countries. Due to the location of the companies-developers Rockstar Leeds, North players from Japan were able to purchase a new GTA LCS after 9 months after the first release in the US. This time it took for the adaptation of the script and meaningful content for the Japanese gaming community. This necessity is caused, first of all, the harsh laws of Japan and requirements of individual age rating systems.

In the leading rating systems BBFC, ESRB, PEGI for GTA Liberty City Stories were set age restrictions "18", "Mature", "18+", respectively.

the Official release of the LCS in Japan

Within the gaming community by major publishers GTA LCS considered to be the company's Eastern and Rockstar Games. Few people know that the first publication of the new 3D-shooter in Japan is a credit to employees of the company Capcom.

By the beginning of sales of the game in Japan gaming community was already aware about the main features of the game. Internet, mail, media and other information channels did the trick. Checked regularly reviews, illustrations and contradicting information about the new GTA LCS only aggravate the passion of the players.

on July 26, 2006 Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories for PSP became officially distributed in territory of Japan. Its low cost in the approximate range of 20-40 dollars, making the game accessible to most buyers.

Modern players can easily run the game with the aid of computer simulation PSP game console or surrender of nostalgia, uploading GTA LCS on the original console. Interesting is the fact that at the present time professional players have learned to use their knowledge about previous versions of the game to achieve impressive success in the modern line of games Grand Theft Auto. Everyone can share their findings and experience, leaving a detailed commentary.

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