15 years of GTA 2 for Dreamcast in North America

Release GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in North America: from the 20th into the 21st century
Grand Theft Auto 2 is the continuation of the GTA series of games, which were first fixed elements of freedom of choice in electronic games.

In North America the video game GTA 2 for Dreamcast first appeared on 30 September 1999. It is worth noting that the developers and publishers done pretty quickly. Just a few weeks before the first release of the game on 9 September 1999, Americans became available gaming platform Dreamcast - last modification of game consoles from the company SEGA.

Developers GTA 2 for Dreamcast

Developments game involved two major companies - Tarantula Studios and DMA Design. The first publisher of digital versions of the game in North America is the company Rockstar Games. The original version of the game was in English. In its subsequent localization for the culture of the various countries involved in the company "Buka".

According to independent researches age international rating companies access to the game to get people aged 15-18 years. In particular, in PEGI has restricted "18+", and in OFLC (A) - "15+". Looking through the forums, communities, comes the understanding of the fact that the age limit users are not adhered to.

Distinctive features GTA 2

In contrast to all other series of the GTA, the action takes place in the future. Official website for RockStar mentioned that this is the year 2013. For residents of North America in 1999, when the release came out of the game, this date was the future.

The main action takes place not in modern Los Santos or in liberty city, and Anywhere in the City. The literal translation from English sounds like "a city anywhere." In an unknown city 3 district, where and deployed basic criminal events.

Release GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in North America: from the 20th into the 21st century

Interesting facts about GTA 2 for Dreamcast

Introductory video for GTA 2 - sliced 8-minute film, which was filmed for the increasing popularity of the game in 1999. In this video British actor Scott Maslen plays the main character of the game Claude Speed.

There is a curious parallel between the second GTA and spy movies. In the game there are city Stromberg, Largo. A surprising fact - the enemies of James Bond was called so.

Known in North America rapper Robert De Negro not only wrote some of the basic tracks for the game, but also announced the news in GTA 2. Also, there is the intersection of the songs on the radio station Lithium FM with music from the game Space Station.

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