4 years of GTA TLAD for PS3 and PC in Europe

4-year anniversary of the European release of The Lost and Damned for Playstaytion 3 and MS
on 16 April, will be exactly 4 years, as Rockstar has released an addon (game) for PC and PS3 at the European market. This addition is almost became a separate full game with unique characters and the story, however, is perfectly blended in the main storyline.

Doubt gaming community

The rumors that the addon will be ported to PS3 and PC appeared long before the official announcement from Rockstar, however, players are very skeptical about this. To create a plugin has spent over 25 million us dollars and for a long time the add-in was available only for the holders of the Xbox360. Therefore, information sites and forums were overfilled with different assumptions and guesses.

Official statement

However, on January 29, 2010 Rockstar officially confirmed that porting is almost completed and will soon players from around the world will be able to make reservations for only $ 17,99. The news spread around the Internet for a few hours, having ears all fans of this series.

Release in Europe

And here long-awaited addition of "The Lost and Damned" went on sale on April 16, 2010. Only pre-sale at the time of release, according to analysts, jumped over the figure of one million. Finally gamers were able to dive into a new story with the head. The sale was conducted through online stores, allowing buyers to directly download the game and on disks for those who have this possibility is absent.

Individual approach

"The Lost and Damned" includes a whole set of new features. More than 30 locations, clothes, weapon, vehicle, and a whole series of choppers, bringing into play a special flavor bukerovskoj life. I emphasize it 50 brand new compositions, written specifically for this addon.

Even after the release of the fifth part and pulls back to its predecessor and recall the unforgettable thrill of the game, in which the creators have put so much work and soul.

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