Grand Theft Auto series is 16 years old!

Grand Theft Auto artwork
Sixteen years ago was released the first part of the game series Grand Theft Auto!

1997, November, 8 is a historic date - the day when a little-known Scottish company Rockstar Games has presented its game Grand Theft Auto for PC, locally - only in Europe, but soon all the world knew this game. Thus, November 8, can be considered the Birthday of the whole series of games GTA!

The first part of the GTA had commercial success, but we cannot say that it has earned the love of critics - reviews were mixed, and most of the negative comments were made to the address of the graphics. However, all lauded the level of freedom of action in the game, as well as the soundtrack, these aspects later became traditional strengths of games GTA series. After the release in Europe, the game was released in North America, after  personal computer - on Play Station, and then on the Game Boy Color. Gold mine was found, now it was necessary to develop.

And Rockstar Games have coped with it - one good game in 16 years has grown into a cult series! Modern gaming world cannot be imagined without the Grand Theft Auto it is a unique series of games last (yet) part of which, GTA 5, can be considered a socio-cultural event.

Now we can confidently say that, on 8 November 1997 came the whole epoch. Can be then it was not very noticeable but through the years and what? No joke, the sixteen years since the publication of the first GTA whole generation grew up, and it had grown up on the streets of Liberty City, Los Santos, Vice City. Our site congratulates the Birthday game series Grand Theft Auto all its fans and as a small gift - the opportunity to download the first part of the GTA, optimized for modern computers: Download GTA 1 (Grand Theft Auto).

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