16 years ago, the release of the first GTA on PC

16 years ago the release of the first GTA on the PC
28.02.1998 release of the first GTA on the PC: the legendary game 16 years
Today, exactly 16 years from the date of release of the game has become a legend - the first GTA on the PC. Its release was held on 28 February 1998, while reversing the gaming world. Earlier developers haven't used such large-scale graphic effects: a huge city with a mass of buildings, the freedom to travel and research territory, machinery and radio channels.

Huge world - free choice

Players 1998 accustomed to play according to a certain scenario. Deviate from it was impossible. With the advent of GTA 1 player is free to choose the further development of events. You could travel around the city, killing people, stealing, damaging and sell cars.
Despite the freedom of action to pass the level needed to be clear mission. But here was the place for the free thinking, because the road to the destination user selected independently.
Today, users may notice that the graph of the first game was elementary. Yes, it's true. However, according to the technologies of the last century, the graphics capabilities were on top, despite the low system requirements for the game. The main thing that is of value in GTA 1 for professional players - thoughtful intriguing scenario and the freedom of choice. To independently verify all the benefits of the games enough free download GTA 1 on your computer.
Within the gaming community to this day remain relevant disputes about the true date of release of the game on the PC. Let's dispel all doubts.

NA release of the first GTA on the PC*

Like any story told by one person to another, information on the Internet may eventually strongly become distorted. So on the popular web portal Wikipedia published information that the first version of Grand Theft Auto systems support Windows came out in 1997. Can the game is not 16, and 17 years already? Perhaps the full version of the game appeared with the developers in 1997, but the users it was presented only in 1998.
The official release of the first GTA on the PC took place in the USA on 28 February 1998. Among the developers 2D games were RockStar, Runecraft, Tarantulla Studios and DMA Design. Please users, and to improve the game continues only company RockStar.
Summing up, we note that the concept of the game GTA is based on freedom of choice sought by any person. Adherence to this principle in combination with modern graphic effects and unpredictable scenarios of development of events provided GTA honorable place in history.

*NA - The news says the divergence date of release.

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