The release of GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in Europe

GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in Europe: the beginning of the 21st century
the Release of GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in Europe was held at the junction of the 20th and 21st century. In the late 90-ies, adapted for the Dreamcast version of the game was exclusively available to developers who made the last changes. With the beginning of the 20th century it has been available for a large gaming community.

the Creators GTA 2 and its adaptation for Dreamcast

As the main developer of the game was organized by Rockstar North. It was formerly known as DMA Design. Also, huge efforts have been made by specialists of the company Tarantulla Studios.

Originally the game was conceived as a continuation of the first GTA that has gained huge popularity among players , supported by the principle of "freedom of choice". Development of computing systems have significantly improved second GTA created in the genre of Action.

Developers Rockstar traditionally released a new version of games for Windows platforms. Output adapted for Dreamcast games, Europeans had to wait about 10 months. This time was enough to make updates to the software modules of the game and obtaining permission for implementation of software products in Europe.

Exit GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in Europe

The date of the official release of the game is July 2000. However, the legacy comments on gaming forums indicate that some residents of Europe began to play GTA 2 for several months before that. Methods of obtaining copies of the game are familiar modern players. However, Europeans could buy the game legally, being outside of the country.

The joy exit continue GTA 2 in Europe could not overshadow even vigilant sellers, who persistently adhered to age restrictions. According to the systems OFLC, BBFC and some others to purchase the game could only citizens from 15-18 years depending on the current legislation.

Distinctive feature GTA 2

All European citizens who once ran GTA 2 on its Dreamcast console, still remember the main feature of the second GTA. As the venue chosen future. On the official pages Rockstar mentioned a specific year is 2013.  This allows the players to compare past performances developers about the future with reality, because many maps were created based on the existing areas. Their findings to share in the comments or social groups.

GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in Europe: the beginning of the 21st century

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