Releases of the 90's: GTA 2 for PS in Europe

Releases of the 90's: GTA 2 for PS in Europe
the output of the continuation game from Rockstar GTA on the PlayStation 2 in Europe was a real sensation. Sale off-scale, profit creators start in the millions of dollars already in the first week of sales. The secret is simple - new in those days the principle of "freedom of choice" in the vast virtual world, is put into the base game series GTA.

the Concept and the release of the game

The release of GTA 2 for the PlayStation in Europe took place on 22 October 1999. The game developers did not deviate from the concept of the previous parts and ports.

Interesting is the fact that Rockstar didn't want to risk it, and before exiting games has released a demo version of GTA. Seeing the positive reaction of the players, the company ventured into full release.

GTA 2 was attended by many radical new ideas, everything was perfected to the last detail - graphic effects, the sounds, the full story with the main character (recall that in the previous part of the player was not even a name). Main location - metropolis Anywhere City, also known as "a city".

Releases of the 90's: GTA 2 for PS in Europe

the Selection of tracks and movie for GTA 2

Significant changes were video and audio support. Users noted competent sound execution and no useless arts.

Rockstar started a partnership with the renowned British label Moving Shadow. Thanks to developers DMA Design has opened a rich library of music tracks from the "classics" to electronic music.

To increase sales was shot seven-minute short film with the actor and model Scott Oil, who played the character of Uluda AIDS (the protagonist of the game). The film is freely available on the Rockstar website.


Special attention deserves the multiplayer, which appeared only in 2 parts. Its implementation is managed employees Rockstar glory. Dynamic and functional local multiplayer attracted in the virtual world than one hundred players. But the game through a global network did not live up to expectations, long ping (server response time) players prevented the organization's process. To resolve software defects to the current time released multiple updates.

In the new GTA has the opportunity to survive. You have to pay to play account of$50,000, but after 2 - 3 completed missions special difficulties with cash will not occur.
GTA 2 was one of the first games that use three-dimensional engine. The view was still isometric (top), but the engine could render complex three-dimensional structures.

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