15 years since the release of GTA 2 PC in Russia

15 years since the release of GTA 2 PC in Russia
With this second Grand Theft Auto virtual criminal world has increased significantly. The character was to have not only the freedom of choice in the movement, but also to choose what criminal groups to operate.

Gaming community of Russia immediately after the output port of GTA for PC noted improved storyline and graphical effects. Indeed, the developers have done a great job on the visual component of the game. In particular, the graphics engine has been started using the algorithms of DirectX that bring the game to a completely different level.

Key features of the game are not only updated engine and gameplay, but the presence of a multiplayer mode. He was an important nuance in the formation of the popularity of the game. Live opponents, realistic threats, exciting script and free choice are the key features of GTA 2 that are in demand today.

15 years since the release of GTA 2 PC in Russia

the Developers and publishers GTA 2 PC

In the late 20th century developers companies Tarantula Studios and DMA Design were active in the development of a new GTA. The sales results and the level of interest of the target audience for the game show that their work was a success.

Localization and publishing games on the territory of Russia was done by specialists of the company "Buka". They studied the main documentation and testing games for compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation. Due to the abundance of violent game sales were allowed only to adults.

the Release of GTA 2 PC

November 4, 1999 - historic date for fans of the game series Grand Theft Auto. This day was declared the start of sales of the second GTA on the territory of Russia.

Before the official release of GTA 2 Russian players knew little about the upcoming changes to the game. Primarily, this is due to a poorly developed telecommunications infrastructure of the country in the late 90 X. However, the abundance of distorted rumors within the gaming community knew no bounds. The misrepresentation came to the most fantastic hypotheses, which were dispelled with the start of sales and the official statements of publishers and developers.

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