14 release of GTA 2 for Game Boy Color in Europe

14 release GTA 2 for Game Boy Color in Europe
Grand Theft Auto 2 is the last part of a two-dimensional series of games, and after that it is generation 3D and HD. Her last port for Game Boy Color took place in Europe. From that moment has passed 14 years.

Time out GTA 2 have on increasing the wave of popularity of this line of games. It is partly due to the destruction of stereotypes. Players of the 20th century used to the fact that the game world only vaguely resembles reality, and the deviation of the baseline scenario is almost impossible. The output of the first and second GTA was completely destroyed by these stereotypes, providing the game's recognition in the community and a significant place in the history of the development of "alternative worlds".

14 release GTA 2 for Game Boy Color in Europe
To release the port GTA 2 for Game Boy Color Europeans were already prepared, as had time to get acquainted with the gameplay on the previously released ports for other game consoles. This nuance has not had a detrimental impact on the level of demand, because who will refuse to run your favorite game for a long time chosen for themselves a gaming console and not to walk in the store for a new console due to the lack of necessary port GTA.

GTA 2 in Europe: facts

During numerous up and distortion on the pages in the Internet there are a lot of unreliable information. The imagination of some writers or just carelessness simply knows no bounds. Release date is the same port ranges between July and November, attention, 1999-2008. This is just absurd.

Immediately place all points over "and". According to information on official and authoritative sources release date port of Grand Theft Auto 2 for Game Boy Color falls on 10 November 2000. On this day a licensed copy of the game became available for purchase in Europe.

Unlike Australian players Europeans are less fortunate. The fact that the European PEGI rating system was installed on GTA 2 age limit "18+", and the Austrian certification Commission -"15+". This limitation was problematic to bypass minors without recourse to the elders, because the observance of laws in 2000 strictly controlled by various authorities, and the mentality of the people was different. The situation changed radically with the development of the Internet and web publishing both licensed and pirated distributions GTA 2.

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The official release of GTA 2 on STEAM took place in the early winter of 2008.

Release date GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in North America is in April 2000.

In the late 20th century Grand Theft Auto 2 (PC went on sale in Russia.

PS-the second version of Grand Theft Auto in North America appeared in 1999.

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