The release of GTA 2 Dreamcast in America

the Release of GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in America
the output of the second GTA was the completion of a two-dimensional generation games Grand Theft Auto series. The latest developments include the release of the game adapted for the platform Dreamcast in North America.

Unlike predecessors in GTA 2 are actively used accelerators graphics processing. These include DirectX, Direct3D. Their use will significantly increase the speed of processing of dynamic images and zoom in to minimize the use of hardware resources.

The developers DMA Design as the primary site of action chosen in the future mysterious city of Anywhere City, which literally translates as "the city anywhere." In the gameplay does not mention a specific date, and used the phrase "this many days (weeks) in the future." However, in certain resources meets a very specific date, which is not so distant from our day - 2013.

"The city anywhere" is divided into 3 main areas. On their territory are gambling establishments, universities, prison, Park, research center and other institutions. The main characters have to expand their activity in these areas. It is noteworthy that unlike the previous games, the user has the possibility to choose the criminal group, which will have the benefit of working.

the Release of GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in America
the Release of GTA 2 for the Dreamcast in America

the Release of GTA 2 in North America

Official release of the second GTA for the Dreamcast in North America took place on 30 April 2000. The demand for the game among the users was high. The reason was the popularity of previous games in the GTA and GTA 2 ports, which began to appear for the PC, PS since 1999. It is impossible not to take into account is relatively new, at that time the Dreamcast, which only appeared in November 1998. The combination of all of these events played a huge role in the formation of stable high demand.

The rising popularity of the port of the game in North America contributed to the promotional video, which was released in 1999. He was an "introductory" video lasting about 8 minutes. The video was available for download on the official resources of Rockstar Games.

Not without already "standard" age restrictions "15+" and above. They put the company BBFC, PEGI and some others. The reasons for establishing such restrictions were numerous episodes of violence that occur in the vastness of the game world.

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