Releases GTA 2: the PS version in North America

Releases GTA 2: the PS version in North America
GTA 2 was the long-awaited sequel to the bestselling GTA. The game has won the recognition of users, thanks to the elements of freedom of thought and choice, which were first noticed it in GTA.

Release GTA on the PlayStation 2 was released in North America on 25 October 1999. The output port adapted for this console, will significantly expand the target audience of the game. Publishers worked quickly, since the other ports of the game is not older than one month.

the Developers of GTA 2 for PlayStation

Adaptation GTA 2 for PS was simultaneously engaged in workers of two well-known companies: DMA Design, Tarantula Studios. Publisher GTA 2 in North America was the organization of Rockstar Games.

At the time of release of the opinions of key age rating companies seriously went so well-known organization PEGI has set an age limit "18+"and the other not less than reputable company OFLC - "15+". However, experience has shown that most users did not follow the recommended age limit.

Main features

Unlike the first part, in GTA 2's actions occur in the future. The court ended the 20th century, and the game took place in 2013.

The storyline develops in the vastness of the three main locations: liberty city, Los Santos and Anywhere City". "city anywhere"). Key events occur in the latter city, which consists of three very large areas.

Releases GTA 2: the PS version in North America

Interesting facts about the game

The creators of the game decided to provide her introductory video, which is essentially a cutting from 8-minute film. As the main playable character starred popular at that time an English actor Scott Maslen.

In the development of the game was attended by well-known American rapper by the name of Robert De Negro, who was voiced by gaming news and personally wrote a few basic songs for the game.

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