The release of GTA 2 for PC

Release GTA 2 for PC: on the threshold of the 21st century
For the gaming community the most notable event of the late 20th century has become the worldwide release of Grand Theft Auto 2. The game developed in the genre of Action, is a continuation of a series of creations from Rockstar, up to 1999, the first GTA and two additions to it.

In the second part of GTA users can play in single player mode or in an organized group, due to the presence of multiplayer. Due to the low computational power of the computers of the late 20th century has been significantly restricted the maximum number of participants multiplayer games in one session.

When developing a game environment programmers DMA Design used an improved graphics engine. In particular, began to apply graphics accelerators series DirectX, allowing you to get the best detail of the virtual world at a minimal cost of computing resources.

In addition to the company DMA Design, in the development of the game was involved company Tarantula Studios. The largest publishers in different continents is Rockstar Games. The adaptation of the PC version GTA 2 for the Russian-speaking population and the publishing house in Russia was conducted by the staff of the company "Buka".

the Official release of GTA 2 for PC

Information about the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 2 was distributed in the gaming community before the official release. Users were looking forward to the sequel, has already made a noise, games.

The official date of the first release of GTA 2 for PC is September 30, 1999. Effect of current on the time the legislation the game was subjected to harsh criticism and detailed review. In the end, all documentary and moral issues were resolved. GTA 2 was admitted into the mass market with the age restriction "18+" and brought an impressive profit developers.

Release GTA 2 for PC: on the threshold of the 21st century


Unlike previous versions of the game, GTA 2 law enforcement agencies better not to bother. In the case of regular violations of the law for the character will pursue not only the police but the Federal service, army units.

Normal transport and people have become an integral part of the criminal world. Now not only the main character is the "center of the universe". The streets are rife and other thieves, and criminals themselves start shooting strangers.

In the game there are more missions, allowing you to spend time entertaining and earn in excess. These include, laying on the player role of a taxi driver by car or bus driver. The video below is a demonstration mission "Bank Robbery", which will allow to assess the overall graphical visualization and some features of the gameplay.

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In Europe, the official release of GTA 2 for PS took place in 1999.

PS-the second version of Grand Theft Auto in North America appeared in 1999.

In the late 20th century Grand Theft Auto 2 (PC went on sale in Russia.

The European release of GTA 2 for Dreamcast was held in July 2000.

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