Increase the driving skills in GTA 5 online (GTA

Driving in GTA 5

Driving is one of the most important skills in GTA 5 as it gives players many advantages on the road. With the Driving skill maxed out, it’s a lot easier to handle your vehicle and do stunts. That’s why it’s useful to level up your Driving in GTA. You just need to follow one rule – drive as much as possible.

How to increase your Driving skill fast

Cockpit view in GTA 5
Sure, you can increase your skill by simply driving, but it will happen very slowly. If you want to speed up the process, start driving more recklessly:

  • Perform near misses while driving at full speed on the opposite side of the road.
    The longer you can do it the better.
  • Perform as many Stunt Jumps as possible.
How to improve the driving in GTA 5
To make leveling up more effective, pick a small but nimble car, "Grotti Carbonizzare" will do. In online mode you can just pick "Zentorno" or "Т-20" in the mission editor, go out on the opposite site of the road and keep driving. When performing jumps, try to land on all four wheels. Remember: every second in the air will increase your skill by 2-3%.

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