How to play as a girl in GTA 5

Girl in GTA 5

If you don’t like the fact that none of the three main characters in GTA 5 is female but you still want to know how to play as one, this article is right up your alley. Of course, there’s a lot of other bugs and problems in the game, but why not answer this question while we’re at it. Aside from the obvious advice to just create a female character in GTA 5 Online, there is a few more ways to do it, all of which are quite simple.


How to play as a girl in GTA 5
The point is that you can’t change your character’s skin while playing the game. So, you have a few options:
  • Install a mod that will allow you to change skins.
  • Manually replace the protagonist’s model with the new skin (The directory may vary, but you can use Windows search to find the “models” folder in the game directory)
The girl is the main character in GTA 5
The idea behind it is that the character’s model is really just a visual texture that you can change. Every object in the game has a texture. However, changing your skin won’t affect animation or the voice of your character, these are separate elements (although you can change them as well).

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