Ways to race in GTA 5

Street racing in GTA 5

Street Races are a part of the gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 5 They’re used in some of the main story and side missions. Besides, you need to finish a certain number of those on different types of transport to get a 100% completion. In this article, we’ll show you how to win a race in GTA 5

Beginner’s Guide

How to win the race in GTA 5
Each character in GTA V has a Special Ability, so we recommend you to play as Franklin when participating in street races. According to his backstory, he's a skilled driver. You can see that when behind the wheel of any car. His Special Ability is that he can slow down time while driving, allowing him to take corners more easily and maneuver in heavy traffic. To refill the Special Ability, he needs to drive at high speed on the opposite side of the road and drift when possible. Another good advice is to find a car that will perform the best in street racing. Here’s a list of those cars:
  • OCELOT XA-21;
Part in races in GTA 5
Also, don’t forget that you can tune your vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 5 We suggest that you visit Los Santos Customs and upgrade your car before the race. If you don’t have enough money to fully customize your car, pay attention to the insides and forget about the paintjob. Start with upgrading your engine, transmission, wheels and brakes and the victory is yours.

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