Ways to play in GTA 5: Criminal Russia

Russian crime in GTA 5

GTA V: Criminal Russia is a new version of the legendary mod put on a new engine of the fifth game in the series. The map was taken from the CR mod for GTA San Andreas. This is an add-on, so Blaine County and Los Santos are not removed from the game.

What is it

Criminal Russia GTA 5
In GTA V: Criminal Russia you can drive around virtual Russian towns and landscapes. Here you can find:
  • Cities of Arzamas, Lytkarino and Nizhegorodsk;
  • Districts of Edovo and Yuzhny;
  • Batyrevo urban-type settlement;
  • Ozyor’e, Busaevo and Koryakino settlements;
  • Garel’ village.
The mod is still in beta, so it’s not as comfortable to play. There are neither pedestrians nor cars on the roads, but you can play multiplayer via GTA 5 CRMP. Most of the vegetation and LODs from the original Criminal Russia are also missing.

Add-on details

How to play the game in GTA 5
The mod is yet to be optimized, so the game might run poorly. To fix the disappearing textures, set the average value of the «extended distance scaling» setting.

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