Ways to enable auto-aim in GTA 5

How to enable auto-aim in GTA 5

GTA 5 is a shooter, because of this chose of weapons, damage, hit accuracy and quick response is important here. If everything I clear with first two steps, let’s stop on accuracy. Here it depends not only from the characteristics of weapon, but also from the sight. To turn on auto sight in settings menu in tab “Aiming mode” you should find “Help in aiming” and choose automatic. Auto sight has such advantages as:
  1. Accurate hits
  2. Comfort and relaxation while playing.
The crosshair in GTA 5
It is not necessary to get used to the shooter and learn to shoot. There is no auto sight in the PC version of the game, because you can aim with the help of mouse. However on the gamepad is difficult to do and requires some skills. So, owners of game consoles could safely enjoy the game. Also you should remember that if you want to connect gamepad to PC, in settings menu you will see auto sight tab. In the online mode auto sight is not available and it doesn’t depend from the gaming platform.

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