GTA Online: TOP 10 Verified Jobs от 09.05.14

GTA Online: TOP 10 Verified Jobs from 09.05.14
Players-developers use more tools to create unique Rockstar Verified Jobs generated hundreds of new works. Each player has a chance to be among the best of the creators, get valuable bonuses and get into the official news Rockstar. To do this, we recommend that you read the TOP 10 missions this week and understand all their distinctive advantages.

GTA Online: TOP 10 Verified Jobs from 09.05.14

Mission "Criss Cross Dock Race" from the user Wolfman211

The user Wolfman211 together with members of his command of English Pride during the race do crazy stunt, previously considered impossible in any Verified Jobs. In the new race opens many opportunities for drift, mid-air collisions and organization of spectacular accidents.

"Welcome To LS" from Assassin2071

The user Assassin2071 is the author of numerous materials on GTA. In his new work, he implemented a high-speed race track near the airport in Los Santos. An impressive width of the road cornering about access roads to the terminal will allow to slow down for most of the track. On the way to victory meet "false" turns and narrow columns.

GTA Online: TOP 10 Verified Jobs from 09.05.14

Steam Racer" from Refuso

For races selected silent area Vinewood Hills near Los Santos. Silence broken only by the roar of engines Sanchez dirtbikes. Opponents will be driving through dirty cunningly devised the track in places heavily overgrown with shrubs.

"Chickin Drifting from Stoffer222

The route passes through the bridge Lago Zancudo. Posted by many obstacles, among which surprised users find sheds with feathery inhabitants. There are several routes to the finish. Discover a nearly direct way possible only to a few.

GTA Online: TOP 10 Verified Jobs from 09.05.14

"Strong Hold" from 420RayRay1983

Classic racing organization with 2 teams on opposite sides of the map. The goal to reach the fortified center first. On the way there are unique for each command obstacles.

"Bad - San Andreas" from eMonstar420

The mission selected for inclusion in the live broadcast Rockstar on the Twitch. The race is aimed at players who want to demonstrate their professionalism. Recommended car - Albany Roosevelt.

GTA Online: TOP 10 Verified Jobs from 09.05.14

"Ew, You Stepped In Dooody" from IckyDoodyPoopoo

On the track players can test their skills in drift and response needed for emergency braking. On the route implemented treacherous twists and a couple of racks of series "Freeways".

"The Academic" from Fachuro

Users presents a circular route near architectural objects in Rockford Hills. Developers mission is recommended to ensure that when overtaking competitors, high speed has not led to encroachment, collisions, and other unpleasant consequences.

GTA Online: TOP 10 Verified Jobs from 09.05.14

"Hold The Watch Tower" from Barisico

Events unfold around the watchtower. It is reliably protected by the militias. Having United with one or more of 4 opposition teams that manage to break through the defense. After the breakthrough wins the team that captured valuable object and managed to save it.

The Los Santos Riots" from TidoubleGGRR

For the mission selected picturesque area near the alley Strawberry. Picture darken only burned-out buses, spaced throughout. Hidden features and nuances of the mission, you learn after you start Deathmatch.

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