Mission GTA Online: back in time

GTA Online Mission: back in time
the Release of the latest versions of GTA 5 has not reduced the interest of talented players to the previous versions of the game. They continue to develop copyright mission series Deathmatch, Capture Race. Many of them are found on the pages of Social Club marked #throwback. A brief look at the most successful creations.

GTA Online Mission: back in time

the Mission of The Fastest Boat from GhostFire79 (Xbox)

This mission is a variant of Capture. It will be useful to the skills of warfare on land, in air and at sea. The main goal is to capture the "special" boat and safely deliver it to the control point.

GTA Online Mission: back in time

Love Fist Fury from giantnugget (Xbox)

Difficult race for high-speed motorcycles organized around Vinewood Bowl. All players will be able to test your skills, but victory is only experienced and successful racers.

GTA Online Mission: back in time

Dam and Blast from PyRo235 (PS4, 3)

Entertainment arena in the spirit Deathmatch arranged on the dam. In a confined space will not be able to avoid direct confrontation with the enemy. In the course of the game will become more clear nuance - area and the location of the objects are selected in such a way that, in addition to head-on collisions, opened the space for strategic ideas.

GTA Online Mission: back in time

High Stakes, Low Rider from reform1 (PS4, 3)

The creators of the racing missions are increasingly focused on their complexity. Speedway from reform1 was no exception. Until the finish on the Del Perro pier drivers have to be smart and skills in order to circumvent the enemy on the narrow roads.

GTA Online Mission: back in time

Bad Cop Drop from Infernus_XS (PS4, 3)

The author has created a platform for open confrontation of the teams in Deathmatch style. In addition to the standard weapons, players will have access to heavy fire installations".

Hit The Pipe from tREVENGE124 (PS4, 3)

The inspiration for the creation of this work in the spirit of Capture was the mission "the Lost and Damned". The mission is perfectly balanced venue for the capture of valuable objects. They have to bring in an established area that will open many beautiful moments to intercept on the road.

GTA Online Mission: back in time

Witness Protection GTA V from 19JDTB98 (Xbox One, 360)

The mission is organized in such a way that without a clear collective action to survive will not succeed. The main goal is to capture the prison van. Naturally, it will not give up so easy, have to fight. Direct collision will not always be effective, it is recommended to develop a team strategy.

Arab Money from dfeazy (Xbox One, 360)

In the description of the mission mentioned character Yusuf Amir. Recall that he appeared in GTA TBOGT. The Creator decided to partially return to the time of activity of the given character in the vastness of the Golf club. The main goal of each team is to capture and save bags of money, to deliver them to the control point, not being killed by his opponents and security.

Work with subject #throwback still viewed edition Rockstar Games. Don't miss the chance to share their creations and discoveries with the gaming community.

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