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The week of "Lowriders" in GTA Online

Double payouts for task updates "Lowriders", the new premium racing and free t-shirt in GTA Online

Dancing machine, "the Ballas" and "Vagony" - GTA Online starts the week of "Lowriders". Players are waiting for good deals on cool cars and modifications, as well as double payouts for all the 8 jobs for upgrades "Lowriders".

Free T-shirt in GTA Online
This week, seekers of greed and thrill will show itself in the premium races "Traffic" and "Criminal record". To choose or all together: admiring the landscapes of the southern San Andreas or race around the prison BOLINGBROOK. The winner of the race gets a reward of 100,000 GTA$. Participation is worth 20 000.

You can log in any day this or next week and get a free t-shirt.. The promotion is valid until 17 April.

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