Free booze in GTA Online

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Double payouts for contact missions in GTA Online

Double GTA$ 250K per job is a night club and a free t-shirt in GTA Online

This week earn double GTA$ can Mr. Madrazo (job elimination), for forfeiture for Premium Deluxe, and for game modes, the "air capture", in which players will fight each other for territory and "The difficult target" (need to protect their own target and hit the enemy).

Double GTA $ for confiscation for Premium Deluxe in GTA Online
And avid party-goers and club owners their holidays: first up to 5 June you can get drunk and not pay a dime, and the second will receive 250 000 GTA$ for the job, night club for sale.

Bonus race this week: "Operation land" and "Underground facility". The winner of the race gets 100 000 GTA$, second place – 30 000, the third – 20 000.

Free T-shirts in GTA Online
Log in to the game any day this week and pick up free t-shirts Solomun, Tale of Us Afterlight, Dixon Glitch and a white t-shirt, The Black Madonna.

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