The long-awaited Upgrade SF!

The long-Awaited Upgrade SF!
The long-Awaited Upgrade SF!
Good day, dear visitors of our site! We are ready to present the fruit of our 2 month - SF Upgrade! I'm very sorry that cinched with the publication, it just happens...

What makes this modification? This modification refreshes and revitalizes the city of San Fierro. Replaced all the roads, sidewalks, tramways.

The long-Awaited Upgrade SF!
Also replaced with large objects, such as driving, garage CJ, railway station, two motor show, the Golden Gate bridge,
Fire brigade and others.

the long-Awaited Upgrade SF!
Added fire truck at FC and two cars in the showroom - Elegy & Sultan.

the long-Awaited Upgrade SF!
Added a club near the Golden Gate bridge, and near the garage CJ the music plays! This modification is the first team work team GVC! Of all the cards I disclose, I will not, do a search!

And here is a list of those who participated in this project:

1) shama123 - project manager, a great teksturschik. If not for him, we would not have finished the project on time!
2) KINOman - Project Manager, assisting in various industries.
3) sasha_nm - also great teksturschik.
4) CentR (maks1997) - a great scripter, Assistant textures.
5) DangeR - an invaluable aid in texturing.

I hope that no one has forgotten.

Download it here: San Fierro Upgrade from GVC Team

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2012-02-06 05:59:00

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