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29 October 2013 is 9 years since the beginning of sales of GTA San Andreas in Europe and Australia

on 29 October 2004, exactly one year after the first official statement on the development and after a couple of months after the announcement, sales of GTA San Andreas for Play Station 2 started in Europe and Australia. To this point, players from the US and Canada were already for a few days enjoying the new game from Rockstar Games.

Sale GTA San Andreas in Europe and Australia began on Friday, before cheerful halloween holydays, and already on the first weekend in the UK alone, where the game had an age limit 18+ (in USA only 17+) was sold about 670 thousand copies of the game, and a total of Europe about one and a half million! Such a strong start was provided to competent marketing campaign and huge expectations caused by the previous game in the series GTA - GTA Vice City. To the third of March, 2005 there had been sold approximately 11.5 million copies, and in total 9 years since the release around 21 million copies of the game only for Play Station 2, that makes GTA San Andreas the best-selling game for the PS2. Passed 9 years and GTA San Andreas does not cease to be popular, and all thanks to the huge number of modifications for this game.

So, the sale San Andreas in Europe and Australia (where it was originally planned to begin selling only 15 November) was a significant date in the history of the global expansion of this game. Congratulations Rockstar Games, San Andreas and millions of fans!

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2013-10-29 10:22:43

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