A year since the release of GTA SA for PS 3

artwork Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
First anniversary of the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PlayStation 3
A year ago, the eleventh of December 2012, occurred release of the legendary Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PlayStation 3, at first only in North America, but Europe release came soon. Rockstar games planned to release the game in the beginning of 2012, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the release was postponed until December.

The price for GTA San Andreas on Play Station Network amounted to $ 15, which is 5 dollars more expensive than the other games in the section of classic Play Station 2 games. There is no HD graphics and no system of trophies in this game, but it is not so important - love of millions gamers since its release in 2004, San Andreas has won and without these little things. But that is hard to understand, why the issue of GTA SA for the Play Station 3 took so much time to compare the Xbox 360, the game was released 4 years earlier.

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2013-12-11 18:22:13

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