7 years after release of GTA: VC Stories of PS 2

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
In 1998, the band released the legendary 3D-shooter game Grand Theft Auto. Its development began to track the entire world, starting from the fans of the genre to the correspondents of the mass media and the oligarchs of the game world. In may 2006, representatives of the Rockstar officially confirmed the fact of the development of the new GTA: Vice City Stories. Every effort has been taken to adapt new GTA under existing gaming platforms.

In anticipation of the release of the game for PS2

About the preparation for entering GTA adapted under PS2, the public was informed in advance. Incorrectly treating statements of the representatives of Rockstar leak and distortion of information did their job. Due to the dispersed information no one knew exactly when exactly will release. The most cautious authors wrote news about «NA release», where it is fairly told about the reliability of the information. Recall that the «NA» - a shortened English phrase «not available», that in translation means «uncertainty», «unavailability». With the onset of 2007, all of the uncertainty was completely dispelled.

Official release and release of GTA VCS for PS2

Persistent work of developers companies Rockstar Leeds and North led to a long-awaited result. 7 February 2007 was the release of GTA: Vice City Stories for the Playstation 2. Heated discussions in the news touched upon not only the Internet community, but also the media. Were more happy players, when 6 March 2007 3D shooter was released in the United States. Its appearance caused a real sensation in the game world that has become inevitable regularity. It is connected with the intriguing scenario of development and freedom of choice in the city, Vice City.

Players in Vice City

With the launch of the game's users come in 1984, where Vice city reigns unscrupulousness and criminal groups. The main hero of Victor Vance will have to find their place in this chaos of events. On the long road to personal well-being to him, it will face many of the gangs (Cholo, Bikers, Sharks and other), to cognize the world racketeering, robbery, and violence.  My career, fulfilling the mission writers, or to operate independently - free choice of each player.

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