The emergence of GTA SA Xbox in Australia, Europ

the Emergence of GTA SA Xbox in Australia, Europe
Release of GTA San Andreas for gaming platforms Xbox in Europe and Australia took place in one day. He passed a long time ago, the port of the game went the "second ten", but the relevance is preserved. The reasons are myriad. Among them we can highlight the realistic scenario and mapping, extensive gaming functionality and the infamous modification of the "Hot Coffee".

The official statements of the developers about the upcoming release of the game appeared in the spring 2003. Before the release of SA for Xbox on sale its estimated age BBFC rating system, ESRB, OFLC, PEGI, USK. Choose an age limit changed several times since the release date and reached the mark "AO", which gave the right to purchase and use the game only adult citizens. Currently, the game limits from "15+" or higher depending on the territory of the propagation of distributions SA.

Around the game before and even after the release there were a lot of assumptions and myths. A huge number of them is a consequence of the existence of an impressive number of interested players worldwide. Anyway, all speculation and inaccurate assumptions eventually just faded away, and many innovations were appreciated by the gaming community.

Official release of GTA SA for Xbox in Australia and Europe was held on 10 June 2005. Since then, the players get the opportunity to see all the benefits updated for Xbox game world from the company Rockstar North. On the topic of the game were written dozens of reviews, hundreds of author reviews, the gameplay has been heavily criticized. Overall, SA was more than successful in commercial terms, which indicates a high level of demand and the increased interest of the players to the new game.

Innovations in GTA SA for Xbox

For port SA Xbox was available as a co-op mode for two players. Special markers to enter this mode were attributed to the individual parts of San Andreas. To start this mode, players have to walk to the marker and press the function button. After that two players can travel together by car or on foot, but can't do much to move away from each other. Note that port of the game on PC developed several informal modifications that allow users to play via LAN or WAN. The most popular modifications became SAMP, MTA.

Intelligent software modules have also been improved, minor characters become "smarter". Now you can't just kill a character and not to attract attention. Gang members can start to attack the main character, and passers-by to come to the rescue. Panic among the citizens of a virtual city can cause a plane landing at wrong place.

The main character CJ had the opportunity to Rob the house. Valuables it takes on a special truck and sells. In his spare time a character can have fun in the built-in SA games such as Billiards, basketball, dancing and some others.

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