GTA San Andreas is now available on iPhone X

GTA San Andreas news
GTA San Andreas now on iPhone X

In GTA San Andreas is now available to play on iPhone X

If you're a fan of GTA San Andreas – this is, without a doubt, the legendary game that changed the minds of thousands of people on the planet Earth (and so on and so forth), then you'll probably appreciate the following news: the above game was released, finally, on the iPhone X. Well, that's all. Paying any approximately 600 rubles, you will get the opportunity to wreak havoc on your frameless "revolutionary" gadget within the state of San Andreas. Developers from Rockstar Games took six months to port the game to a new line of smartphones Apple.

GTA San Andreas now on iPhone X
The mobile version of GTA San Andreas is still the same, already familiar to you the game 2005 release, but already on your phone, retaining 100% of the gameplay and the atmosphere of your favorite crime Thriller: gang showdown, mischief, shootouts with the police, stealing vehicles, memorable missions etc. About how to fight in GTA, sitting in the subway, for example, in 2005 shaggy could only dream of – and even on the big screen!

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