Los Angeles and GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas helps you to orientate in Los Angeles
Who said video games can't teach you anything? According to creator of musical group "Hamilton" and composer of animated film "Moana" Lin Manuel Miranda is not true. He couldn’t have learned so quickly navigate Los Angeles without help of well known computer game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in which he once played few years.

Probably many know, that prototype of city San Andreas is the Los Angeles, but few people realize, that they are almost one and same. The developers have tried to bring a completely real town in the game with all details for realism. And apparently they succeeded. Lin Mauel Miranda is a native of New York, who lives in Upper Manhattan. In an interview with "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" he told how he visited Los Angeles late night in first time.

"I had a strange experience! The first time I came to Los Angeles to make acting career on TV, like my wife. I had to pick her up at the airport in a rented car and on the way I took a strange turn. Soon, I found myself in South Los Angeles(also known as South Central). I managed to find my way, because I played quite a lot in GTA: San Andreas."

Miranda tells, how with help GTA San Andreas navigate on unfamiliar streets
"If you played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you already have in your mind a mental map of Los Angeles. Even if you have never been to this place. When you remember it, you will have something like: "Oh, I and Smokey started a gang on this corner. I turn left here, then i'm Uptown."
Miranda remembered a familiar environment, which he saw in the game and easily found his way. That's what it means developer attention to gaming detail. Probably, this isn't only person, who GTA series helped in travels.

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